About Us

Mission Statement

The Economics Review At NYU is an undergraduate organization that publishes student articles, essays and research papers in an online and print publication. Our content focuses on economic theory, policy and associated fields such as law, business, and politics. Our goal is to provide all interested NYU students with the opportunities to conduct research, get published and advance future career prospects. The student-led editorial staff works with in-house and freelance writers to improve research and writing skills and to produce content that will encourage debate and awareness among undergraduates. We encourage not only the ambitious students of Economics to contribute to the Review, but also all students, regardless of their school, field or degree level.

Executive Board

Presidents and Editor-in-Chiefs

Malvika Sriniwasan

Malvika is a senior studying Economics and Data Science at CAS. She joined the Economics Review in her freshman year as a Staff Writer, and continued on to serve as the Club Secretary, before becoming the President. She is very interested in exploring the integration of tech and healthcare in finance, and understanding the subsequent application of economic policy and theory in these industries. She uses the Economics Review as an outlet for her perspectives and passion for writing. She also loves trying out new restaurants in NYC, dance, traveling, and playing card games.

Kevin Lu

Kevin is a senior at NYU studying mathematics and economics. He’s originally from Boston and is a big Patriots fan. Kevin joined the Economics Review during his Sophomore Fall as Editor, and enjoyed editing articles on a wide range of topics, from finance to the maple syrup industry in Quebec. In his free time, he really enjoys reading, boxing, and visiting the different Art Museums around New York.

Managing Editors of the Online Publication

Will Rojas

Will is a junior from Connecticut studying economics and computer science at the College of Arts and Science. He joined the Economics Review sophomore year as a writer and is interested in monetary policy and an array of topics including the connection between economic regulation and civil liberty. In his free time, he likes to walk around New York and review the best food the city has to offer.

Anoushey Gajial

Anoushey is currently a sophomore from Seattle, WA studying Economics and Mathematics at CAS. She joined the publication as an editor during her freshman year and now has shifted to becoming Managing Editor for Online Publication. Anoushey enjoys working at The Economics Review as it fuels her interests in the interdisciplinary nature and impact of this subject. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys following sports including tennis, soccer, and gymnastics, as well as spending time with family and friends!

Managing Editor of the Print Publication

Avi Gupta

Avi Gupta is a senior at CAS studying Economics and Politics. He joined the Economics Review during his first semester in Spring 2020 as a writer. He shifted to working as an editor before becoming the Managing Editor for Print Publication. His interests lie in international economics and its impact to geopolitics. Outside of school, Avi enjoys rock climbing and exploring the city and the outdoors alike.

Head of Marketing

Garrett Boyce

Garrett is a junior pursuing a joint major in economics and mathematics. He joined the Economics Review in the spring of 2021 as a writer before being elected Head of Marketing. Outside of the Review, Garrett enjoys playing the guitar and learning to cook, and is currently pursuing a career in management consulting.


Tomasz Jankowski

Tomasz is a junior studying economics. He joined the publication as a freshman and has since served as a writer and editor. Originally from Poland, Tomasz enjoys using the Economics Review as a medium for exploring a diverse array of global issues particularly in the realm of financial markets and geopolitics. Outside of the classroom he enjoys playing and following sports including soccer, tennis, and skiing.


Kairui Huang

Kairui is a junior studying computer science and economics. The intersection between his passion for web development and economics has naturally lead him to the webmaster position at the Review. He is also involved in Model UN and Tech@NYU. When he’s not watching Bob’s Burgers late into the night or losing 4-0 in FIFA, you can find him playing soccer and Spikeball, or giving his best effort to cook anything without burning his apartment down.


Rodrigo Camara Rowe

Rodrigo is a junior studying Economics and Math with a minor in German. He’s strongly interested in economic development of Latin American countries. He likes most water sports: swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc. Writing for the economics review has been very rewarding because he has managed to make it a habit to research and keep up with what’s happening in Latin America, so he can better understand the region. He’s also interested in personal finance and financial markets and their relation to the economy.

This publication is published by New York University students. NYU is not responsible for its contents.