About Us

Mission Statement

The Economics Review At NYU is an undergraduate organization that publishes student articles, essays and research papers in an online and print publication. Our content focuses on economic theory, policy and associated fields such as law, business, and politics. Our goal is to provide all interested NYU students with the opportunities to conduct research, get published and advance future career prospects. The student-led editorial staff works with in-house and freelance writers to improve research and writing skills and to produce content that will encourage debate and awareness among undergraduates. We encourage not only the ambitious students of Economics to contribute to the Review, but also all students, regardless of their school, field or degree level.

Executive Board

President and Editor-in-Chief

Tomasz Jankowski

Tomasz is a senior studying economics. He joined the Economics Review as a freshman and has since served as a writer, editor and treasurer. Originally from Poland, Tomasz enjoys using the Economics Review as a medium for exploring a diverse array of macroeconomic topics including monetary policy, economic growth and international trade. Besides topics in the realm of economics, Tomasz enjoys staying up-to-date on global financial markets with a focus on equities, foreign exchange markets and real estate. In addition to his academic and professional interests, Tomasz is an avid skier as well as soccer and tennis player.


Will Rojas

Will is a senior from Connecticut studying economics and computer science at the College of Arts and Science. He joined the Economics Review sophomore year as a writer and is interested in monetary policy and an array of topics including the connection between economic regulation and civil liberty. In his free time, he likes to walk around New York and review the best food the city has to offer.

Managing Editors of the Online Publication

Anoushey Gajial

Anoushey is currently a junior from Seattle, WA studying Economics and Mathematics at CAS. She joined the publication as an editor during her freshman year. Anoushey enjoys working at The Economics Review as it fuels her interests in the interdisciplinary nature and impact of this subject. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys following sports including tennis, soccer, and gymnastics, spending time with family and friends, and trying new restaurants across the city!

Eugene Seong

Eugene is a junior studying Economics and Philosophy at CAS. She joined the publication her sophomore year as a writer before becoming the Managing Editor for the Online Publication position. She’s particularly interested in information asymmetry and the relationship between politics and economics, especially in East Asia. Outside of school, you can find her in black-box theaters, walking around New York, or playing video games.

Managing Editors of the Print Publication

Taran Agarwal

Taran is junior at NYU studying Economics and Data Science. He’s originally from India and is a big ‘Real Madrid’ fan. Taran joined the Economics Review during his Sophomore Fall as an Editor and is deeply passionate about the financial markets. He intends to research the possible modifications that can be made to the current Black-Scholes so that it can be used in the trading of American options. Outside the classroom, he enjoys playing tennis and exploring new places to eat.

Stuti Saria

Stuti is a junior at CAS studying Economics and Mathematics. She joined the Economics review during her Sophomore Spring as an editor and her interests lie in international trade, welfare, and microeconomics. She is also very curious about researching the field of environmental economics. In her free time, Stuti likes to read books, explore new places, and spend time with her friends.

Marketing Analytics & Creative Director

Revan Aponso

Revan is a junior from San Jose, CA studying Economics with a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology (BEMT). He joined the Economics Review during his freshman year as a Staff Writer before transitioning into his role as Marketing Analytics & Creative Director. As a writer, his interests lie in foreign debt analysis, financial crime and exploring the economic implications of various industries. In his free time, Revan enjoys listening to music, watching various TV shows, and checking out different restaurants around New York City.


Joseph Kwon

Joseph is a junior from Pinewood, SC studying Economics. He joined the Economics Review sophomore year as an editor. He enjoys learning about how economic policies render consequences to our daily lives and strive to learn more about policy-making. He played baseball in highschool, and he is an avid sports fan, specifically baseball (Rays up!) and mixed-martial arts. He also enjoys discovering hidden spots around the city and spontaneous adventures.


Kairui Huang

Kairui is a senior majoring in computer science and economics. He’s been webmaster for the Review since his sophomore year. While he’s currently focused on his career development as a software engineer, he’s trying to learn more about fintech, entrepreneurship, and product management, and would like to be actively involved in those spaces in his next few years of his career. When he’s not getting obliterated in FIFA, you can find him playing real-life soccer or watching Formula 1 highlights because he never gets up early enough to watch the races live.


Angel Cortes

Hi my name is Angel! I am a junior in CAS studying Mathematics and Economics. I’ve been a writer at the Econ Review since Fall 2021. My interest in economics right now consists of monetary policy, racial economics, urban economics and macroeconomics. Right now I’m interested in learning a lot more about the economy of Latin American countries specifically Mexico. Outside of class I like to run by the pier and watch my favorite team FC Barcelona play.

This publication is published by New York University students. NYU is not responsible for its contents.