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Mission Statement

The Economics Review At NYU is an undergraduate organization that publishes student articles, essays and research papers in an online and print publication. Our content focuses on economic theory, policy and associated fields such as law, business, and politics. Our goal is to provide all interested NYU students with the opportunities to conduct research, get published and advance future career prospects. The student-led editorial staff works with in-house and freelance writers to improve research and writing skills and to produce content that will encourage debate and awareness among undergraduates. We encourage not only the ambitious students of Economics to contribute to the Review, but also all students, regardless of their school, field or degree level.

Executive Board

Editor-In-Chief: Prabhod Mudlapur

Prab is a third-year studying Mathematics with a minor in Business Studies at the College of Arts and Sciences. He loves dogs, planes and rockets and one day hopes to work on making humans an interplanetary species. He’s been interested in economic policy and the role of technology in fostering growth since he started competing in policy and Model UN debates in the 9th grade, and hopes to one day work at a company that lets him somehow combine his myriad interests. He has previously served as an Editor and the Managing Editor for the Economics Review’s research publication, and hopes to grow the organization significantly this year.

Co-Online Managing Editor: Meghna Rangan

Meghna Rangan is a junior majoring in Economics with a double minor in Business Studies and Public Policy. She loves traveling, photography and is an absolute foodie! In the future, she hopes to combine her love for economic policy with the want to contribute to the social sector in India. At the Economics Review, she started off as a writer, went on to becoming the Marketing Director and now serves as the Managing Editor for the online publication. She has been a part of the growth story of the Economics Review and is very excited to see what the new team and year has to bring!

Co-Online Managing Editor: Samyak Jain

Samyak Jain is a senior at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business with concentrations in Finance and Business Economics. He joined the Economics Review in 2016 and is currently the Managing Editor for the Online Publication. He’s an Honors student researching succession in family businesses and working with the Age Initiative at NYU. Samyak intends to work in Asset Management after obtaining his degree with the long term goal of developing the Indian financial markets to cater to the unique needs of the Indian population. He hopes to make the Economics Review the leading social science publication on campus.

Publication Managing Editor: Jeremy Ron Teboul

Jérémy is a senior at the College of Arts and Sciences, studying mathematics and economics. He is passionate about using mathematical models to solve real life problems. Last year, Jérémy interned for Accenture’s strategy group. This year, he launched MeepLabs, a tech company that provides affordable digital solutions to start-ups in New York City. He loves to travel, has lived in Europe, the Middle-East, East Asia and North America and is fluent in 5 languages. After he graduates, Jérémy intends to start a career in financial services.

Treasurer: Christopher Chao

Chris is a junior studying Computer Science with a minor in Economics at the College of Arts and Sciences. With his interest in economics combined with his fascination of computer science and the growing importance of data analysis, he hopes to one day work at a company where he can apply both these subjects in a real world situation. He appreciates how the Economics Review provides an informative platform that allows students to share and develop their own interest in economics.

Marketing Director: Angelica Colino

Angelica Colino is a senior major in Politics and minoring in Economics. She loves traveling, reading, and yoga! In the future, she hopes to attend law school. Angelica began as an editor with the Economics Review and now serves as the Marketing Director and Senior Editor. She’s loved being a part of the Econ Review and seeing how much it has grown on campus.

Web Master: Abby Diette

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Abby is a sophomore studying Mathematics and Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her interest in joining the E-board Economics Review developed when she came to NYU and started getting involved in Computer Science. She likes being the Webmaster of the Economics Review because it allows her to express her love for web design and Mathematics.

Secretary: Eduard Batash

Eduard is a sophomore who studies Real Estate in the Schack Institute. He enjoys to travel, visit the cinema, and play tennis. He is fascinated with real estate energy efficiency, and its applications to governmental policy and real estate development. He has previously served as a staff writer for the Economics Review, and has contributed articles on energy efficiency and policy and cinema economics. He is excited to observe the Economics Review grow and continue to provide students and readers with informative and interesting economic perspectives.


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