Print Publication

Applications for our Spring 2023 Print Publication are now open! We have extended our original deadline of March 31st to April 7th, 11:59 PM. Apply now!

The Economics Review at NYU’s Print Publication is a biannual culmination of academic research papers and academic inquiry in economics, geopolitics, business, technology, law and related fields. This is an extraordinary opportunity to receive recognition for work by a publication associated with the NYU Economics department.

We are excited to present The Economics Review at NYU’s Print Publication for the Academic Year 2021-22, celebrating the scholarship and excellence of the authors’ research and curiosity in economics. For the 2021-22 Academic Year Volume, the print publication committee selected five papers to present to our readers. The researchers discuss a wide array of issues related to the effects of the H-1B Visa Policy Change and its effect on foreign-born STEM workers in the U.S, TFP growth in group micro lending, the impact of urbanization in India’s agricultural sector and how competition drives technological innovation. All of us at the Economics Review are extremely grateful to our readers for your encouragement, and we hope that you see the fruit of this team’s efforts through this publication. Happy Reading!

Past Publications

Physical copies can be found in Kimmel and Bobst at NYU.